Homeless Portland


About this site

We started out our website with the idea of showcasing the growing issue of “Rising Rental Costs” in the Portland Metro area and how it is effecting not only the economy but many of the families in our communities. While researching this issue, homelessness became the main point of discussion after reading about people being forced out of their homes due to the lack of rent control. The statistics on homelessness in Portland, Vancouver, and the northwest in general are staggering! So, we set out to see what was actually going on and what kind of help is already out there. We wanted to showcase the existing organizations that are doing great work where you can go volunteer, donate goods, services, or money and much more. We don’t want to see any more deaths or tragedies when we have the resources to do something about it!



Special Thanks to:

  • Michelle Nicolosi
  • Chris Martin